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Hové®, known all over the world for its fine fragrances, was begun in 1931 by Mrs. Alvin Hovey-King. The daughter of a military officer, and wife of a Navy Commander, she spent much of her life traveling around the world and expanding her love of making her own perfume, a craft learned from her Creole French mother.

This hobby grew into a serious pastime, and so after the market crash of 1929, which ruined the retired Commander's investment business, Mrs. Hovey-King opened Hové® at 529 Royal Street in what had been the grand house of the popular Spanish Governor Estevan Miro. The family lived in the beautiful apartment above the shop.

In 1938, the business moved to 723 Toulouse Street where it remained for the next 44 years. Commander King died in 1938, and Mrs. Hovey-King lived in the gracious quarters on the second floor until her death in 1961. Her daughter, Mrs. Jules A. de Fazende Yokum continued to run and expand the business, taking in her daughter, Mrs. Julie van Calsem IV, in 1970, as her partner and Hové®'s third generation. By 1982, Hové® had outgrown the small quarters, so Mrs. Julie van Calsem decided to move the business to 824 Royal Street in 1982.

In 1987, Mr. van Calsem joined the firm and after his wife's death in 1989, he became the first man to carry on the tradition of Hové®.

 Mr. Willem F. van Calsem and his current wife, Barbara Ann Downs carried on the Hove® tradition until March 31, 2003. 

Upon their retirement, their niece, Amy van Calsem Wendel, who had been involved with Hove®  a few years past, was eager to continue the perfume tradition along with her husband Bill Wendel.   In July of 2011, the Wendel family  moved Hove® to its 4th home in the French Quarter.  The address is 434 Chartres St. NOLA 70130. A historical building built in 1809 and is the current residence of the Wendel Family.  It is ran just like a traditional French Quarter business was ran many years ago.   The owners living quarters are located upstairs on the 3rd level, and the family business below on the first and second levels of the home.

Hove®  has not skipped a beat since their recent move to Chartres St.  They have been able to expanded their brand, not just with their fragrance line, but also their own clothing line. This new addition to the shop has completed Amy vanCalsem-Wendel two loves....  Fragrance and Fashion.  Amy, hand picks each piece of clothing to insure her Hove® clothing brand will have great success just like the fragrance division of the business. 



Hové®  Parfumeur Ltd.  434 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone: 504.525.7827  Fax number: 504-525-7994

Hours of Operation:  Mon - Sat. 10:00 AM - 6PM c.s.t. Sunday 11AM-6PM

Closed:  Mardi Gras Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day