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       Colognes for the Man

Created to compliment and accentuate his various personalities and lifestyles, different fragrances in cologne, body oils, lotions, bubble bath & shower gel, massage oils, and soap are offered for the man.

The 4 oz. splash cologne and the 4 oz. body oils and lotions come in light-weight unbreakable bottles. The atomizers are glass and refillable. All are smartly boxed.

Standard Line Fragrances

Luxury Line Fragrances

Gifts for the Man

Standard Line Men's Cologne

CORDUROY—Warm woodsy notes mingle with a hint of citrus. A fragrance especially for winter wools and corduroys.

CREOLE DAYS—A gentle blending of old-fashioned spices creates a light and quietly reminiscent bouquet.

DIVERTI-   Light and refreshing, this blend of sandalwood, cedar and a mixture of floral notes creates a divertissement of it own.

EAU DE COLOGNE NAPOLEON—This is a light and refreshing fragrance based on the tiny lime called Bergamot. It is gentle and conservative with a zesty nature.

ELAN D'ORANGE—Fragrant orange blossoms create a crisp fragrance for those who like bittersweet freshness.

EL CAPITAN—A delightful blending of citrus notes creates a fresh and clean fragrance for those who love the outdoors.

GRANDEE—A happy and outgoing fragrance for those who like bright colors.

JARDIN DE LOUIS - Louis XIV planted the gardens at Versailles with thousands of orange trees.  This fragrance has been made with citrus and ginger to capture the pleasure of a stroll  through Louis's garden.

LAVANDE—The very name of this flower stems from the words "to bathe". Refreshing and fragrant Lavender is a timeless favorite.

PLAGE D'T—If you love the smell of the beach, then this scent was made for you.  "Summer's Beach" is a light tropical blend of coconut, lemon and other exotic citrus oils.  Enjoy it. 

RUE ROYALE®—A hint of musk pervades this basically dry and light fragrance.

VERVEINE—The fresh herbal-lemon fragrance from the crushed leaves of the pert Lemon Verbena.

VETIVERT—The woody, dry notes of this ancient Indian root is what endeared it to the Creoles who valued the freshness it gave to belongings stored in humid climates.

Luxury Line Men's Cologne

CABALLERO—Rich and robust Sandalwood interwoven with citrus creates a heavy, warm and yet fresh-noted fragrance with an outdoor character.

FASCINATOR - The rich warm notes of Oak Moss, blended with a hint of musk, this fragrance is sure to fascinate both men and women.

HABANERA - The warmth of the tobacco flower   with suggestions of leather thrown in creates a smart and sporty fragrance.

 IMPERATRICE—Softly muted, light spice notes intermingle in a long-lasting and very subtle fragrance indicative of quiet elegance.

LIMES DES BURAS—The invigorating heartiness of the pungent lime is captured in this scintillatingly positive fragrance.

LOUIS QUATORZE®—Epitomizing manly elegance, this fragrance is rich, heavy and controlled by its dry notes.

MIRAGE - A blend of citrus and woodsy notes creates a fragrance for the outgoing.

PATCHOULI—For over 3,000 years the heavy, musky and yet dry scent of the Patchouli plant has been valued as an aphrodisiac in the Middle East and Orient. Definitely for the daring.

PIRATES GOLD  - Modern yet mellow. For the casually tailored and slightly reserved man.


From left to right 2oz Atomizer, 4oz Atomizer, 4oz Splash


      COLOGNE PRICES                 

                           Standard Line                 Luxury Line

2 oz atomizer              $31                               $37

4 oz atomizer              $43                               $49

4 oz splash refill          $39                                $45

Gifts for the Man


Wonderful gifts for Dad all year long!!!!!!!

Hov® has a wonderful collection of shaving brushes and razors for the man in your life.  If he likes to travel, we have a travel brush that he can use on the road.  The travel brush is made of badger hair and the price is  $30.00.  Omega shaving cream from Italy is $15.00. Great gifts for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday's and Christmas.

More items for the man...

Hov® also has a great collection of Antique shaving mugs, brushes and straight edge razors.  Razors range from $40.00 to $70.00.  The mugs range from $25.00 to $120.00.  Start a nice family collection to pass down to the next generation.  We are always happy to e-mail you photo's of our Antique items if you can not make it into our shop.



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