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Fragrances for the Woman

All fragrances come in perfume, cologne,
solid perfumes, lotions, bubble bath & shower gel, body oils and massage oils.

Fragrances are divided into two groups: the Standard Line and the Luxury Line. The Standard Line is comprised of the floral, woodsy, and bouquet fragrances which, in general, are light and more singular in character. The heavier, more complex, and more priceless of fragrances are included in the Luxury Line.





Standard Line Fragrances
Luxury Line Fragrances

Standard Line Fragrances

AZALEA—The lovely and small pink Wild Azalea blossom from the Southern Gulf Coast lends a hint of sparkle to a fragrance fragile-sweet.

CARNATION—The tingling vibrancy and spicy warmth of the Clove Pink Carnation.

CARNAVAL®—This light, spring floral bouquet is as happy and gay as the day for which it is named. Its personality is outgoing and effervescent.

CLOCHETTES DES BOIS—Dominant notes of spring freshness make the delicate Lily of the Valley or "little bells of the woods" a delightful fragrance, especially for the conservative.

CORDUROY—Warm woodsy notes mingled with a hint of citrus. A fragrance especially for winter wools and corduroys.

CREOLE DAYS—A gentle blending of old-fashioned spices creates a light and quietly reminiscent bouquet.

DIVERTI-   Light and refreshing, this blend of sandalwood, cedar and a mixture of floral notes creates a divertissement of it own.

EASTER LILY—True to its flower, this light yet positive fragrance is for the young at heart.

ELAN D┤ORANGE—Fragrant orange blossoms create a crisp fragrance for those who like bittersweet freshness.

EL CAPITAN—A delightful blending of citrus notes creates a fresh and clean fragrance for those who love the outdoors.

GARDENIA—Romantic moods and bright colors are complimented by the languid sweetness and provocative high notes of this well-known flower fragrance.

GINGER BLANC—Fresh spiciness combines with rich sweetness to recreate the tropical sensuousness of Hawaii┤s White Ginger Lily.

GRANDEE—An elegant and grand blending of floral notes topped by a fruity note to add a bit of happiness. For those who are outgoing and who like bright colors.

HELIOTROPE—Warm and spicy and vanilla-ry, this old-fashioned fragrance has regained popularity by the interest of today's youth in the return to the old and natural.

HONEYSUCKLE—As intertwining as the vine on fence and wall, the nostalgic sweetness and graceful effervescence of the Honeysuckle has always made it a favored fragrance with little girls to Grande dames.

JARDIN DE LOUIS - Louis XIV planted the gardens at Versailles with thousands of orange trees.  This fragrance has been made with citrus and ginger to capture the pleasure of a stroll  through Louis's garden.

JASMINE—The wafted fragrance of Jasmine on body and hair has, since ancient times, been described as feminine and seductive. Need we add more!

KISS IN THE DARK—Neither heavy nor light, this fragrance laces warmth with ancient spice notes. Worn well by those who cannot wear heavy Oriental fragrances but want a touch of the exotic.

LAVANDE—The very name of this flower stems from the words "to bathe." Refreshing and fragrant, Lavender is another timeless favorite.

LILAS D'AVRIL—The fresh and invigorating fragrance of dew-kissed lilacs in the early morning sun.

MAGNOLIA—The true Southern Magnolia, a fragrance of subdued warmth cooled by fresh notes, redolent of the deep South.

PLAGE D' T—If you love the smell of the beach, then this scent was made for you.  "Summer's Beach" is a light tropical blend of coconut, lemon and other exotic citrus oils.  Enjoy it. 

PURPLE VIOLET—Beautifully true to its flower, the fragrance of this violet is one reminiscent of days a lot slower and life more gracious.

ROSE CELESTE—Lighter and more delicate than her deep, red sister, the dainty white rose embodies the warmth and smoothness inherent to a rose.

ROSE GERANIUM —The crushed leaves and not the flowers of the Rose Geranium produce a fragrance with the beautiful warmth of a rose heightened by a note of bittersweet pertness.

RUE ROYALE®—A hint of musk pervades this basically dry and light fragrance, selected most often by fair brunettes who wish a quiet elegance.

SPRING FIESTA—A light floral bouquet whose fragrance is lively yet genteel with a subtle whisper of dryness.

TEA OLIVE—The fragrance of the southern Sweet Olive is unique. It is a languid and exotic sweetness heightened by a teasing piquantness, thus creating a fragrance totally feminine and intriguingly different.

VERVEINE �The fresh herbal-lemon fragrance from the crushed leaves of the pert Lemon Verbena.

VETIVERT—The woody, dry notes of this ancient Indian root is what endeared it to the Creoles who valued the freshness it gave to belongings stored in humid climates.

Luxury Line Fragrances

BAYOU D'AMOUR—An exotic blend of floral notes dominated by notes of the luscious fruit, mango.

BELLE CHASSE—  The fresh spiciness of Carnation surrounded by the warm and subtle influences of romantic Rose and Jasmin and other romantic florals. 

CABALLERO—Rich and robust Sandalwood interwoven with citrus creates a heavy, warm and yet fresh-noted fragrance with an outdoors character.

CAMELLIA—As dry and delicate-sweet as a fine white wine, this fragrance compliments the quiet, fair and tailored personality.

CASA MIRO—Rich, low and mellow notes blend together to create a medium heavy fragrance both elegant and tailored.

FASCINATOR—The rich warm notes of Oak Moss, blended with a hint of musk, this fragrance is sure to fascinate both men and women.

FLAME—Heavy oriental spices subdued by soft notes create a fragrance beautifully worn by dark red heads.

HABANERA - The warmth of the tobacco flower with suggestions of leather thrown in creates a smart and sporty fragrance.

IMPERATRICE—Softly muted, light spice notes intermingle in a long-lasting and very subtle fragrance indicative of quiet elegance.

LIMES DES BURAS—The refreshing purity of fresh limes.

LOUIS QUATORZE® —Epitomizing manly elegance but enjoyed also by the smartly tailored woman, this fragrance is rich, heavy and controlled by its dry notes.

MANTRAP—Made provocative by its high resinous notes, made alluring by its underlying spice notes, this is truly a heavy Oriental fragrance.

MIRAGE—A blend of citrus and woodsy notes creates a fragrance for the outgoing.

NUDE—The heady, sweet sensuousness of a summer stroll in a tropical garden.

PATCHOULI—For over 3,000 years the heavy, musky and yet dry scent of the Patchouli plant has been valued as an aphrodisiac in the Middle East and Orient. Definitely for the daring!

PIRATES GOLD—The beautiful blending of essences neither sweet nor spicy but with a hint of depth has made this a casual and outgoing fragrance for every day wearing.

RADIANCE—One of the most priceless and rare of essences is the attar of Bulgarian Rose. Its rich, warm honey-like bouquet is superior to all.

SERENADE—Heavy yet low-keyed spice notes blended with a subtle fruity bouquet create a languidly romantic and easy-going fragrance.

SPANISH MOSS - Warm and exotic, mossy and green... a reformulation of an old favorite.

VOUS SOUVENEZ-VOUS?—Lightly sweet and airy fresh, this is a gentle fragrance of quiet reminiscence.

WHIRLWIND—Smart and crisp by its lack of sweetness, this heavy-noted fragrance is especially good for winter evening occasions in tailored black.


                               left to right- dram, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz                                           2 oz atomizer, 4 oz atomizer, 4 oz splash, solid-front


PERFUME PRICES                                                         COLOGNE PRICES            

            Standard Line       Luxury Line                       Standard Line               Luxury Line 

Dram          $21                     $24                    2 oz atomizer        $31                             $37

1/2 oz        $55                     $66                    4 oz atomizer        $43                             $49

1 oz            $87                    $112                    4 oz. splash           $39                             $45

2 oz            $152                    $185




Available in all scents          

Standard Line              Luxury Line      

                   2 dram size               $22.00                        $25.00



   Natural Beeswax Lip Balm -

Made with beeswax, almond and coconut oil with a splash of flavor.                


Natural Plain flavor






$3.00 each

1.5 oz tube




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